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School pick-up and drop-off available!

Just For Kids Child Development Center provides a wide range of activities to help your child prepare for kindergarten while having fun doing so.


Call us today at 228-388-5558 for more information about our preschool program and to request your FREE tour of our conveniently located facilities.

Offering you both convenience and peace of mind

We work with your schedule by allowing you to check in as early as 5:00 AM and we stay open until 6:00 PM every weekday. We also offer a discount for enrolling 2 or more children and provide healthy, nutritious snacks for your child throughout the day in our secure facility.

Our structured preschool program

Individualized progress reports

Our curriculum is designed to provide your child with a variety of learning activities in order to help them to develop their social and literacy skills including:

• Structured classroom environment

• Cognitive development activities

• On-site learning centers

• Adherence to MS State Curriculum

We offer 2 formal parent-teacher conferences each year but you are welcome to schedule a conference at any time with your child's caregiver or any member of our Management Team.

Helping your child to fully develop and grow

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